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joana wow leveling guide

Everyone who played wow and at least googling something about wow such as guide and wow leveling guide should know a thing or two about Joana’s Guide. Joana is a female troll who played as hunter and level up from 1 to level 60 in only 4 day and 20 hours recorded. This is the recorded as the fastest level up time and she’s not only done it only in one server, but a bunch in other server too. You can check the server she played in her guide page. So far, this guide is considered as the best wow leveling guide, especially for horde. She also included full recorded video along with her guide. I also have tried using this guide for my priest and rogue, and I reach level 60 in 13 days and several hours and the other reach level 56 in 10 days until now. While there are a lot of free guide in the internet you can Google, but a pay guide is much better. Check out the guide.


If you plan to buy any guide, please google around first to make sure that guide is legal, i mean not a scam guide. Asking in forum can be very efficient. This blog also list the top guide with ranking. Check out.

[[ Wow Guide Review ]]


Team iDemise Wow Leveling Guide
"Team iDemise Has The Fastest 1-70 Time in the World! We Get There In 6 Days 5 Hours and Using our In-game Leveling Guide You Can too!" - Team iDemise Alliance and Horde Leveling Guide. They give you an in-game mod, call mapmod to guide you where to go after each task. Complete with arrow and direction.

Brain Koop Alliance Leveling Guide
Brain Koop Wow Leveling Guide
wow leveling guides

Wow Death Knight Leveling Guide

death knight leveling guide

It has been so long since the last time i post anything on this blog. I'm really sorry because i couldn't find any slot for me to blog for wow or any other blog. Right now it's holiday and I am gonna spend some really good time for quality wow leveling guide post especially for death knight leveling guide. This is a bit late, but not really late for death knight guide since wotlk has been launched officially on last November 13. Well, this is the real good death knight guide and i have been through all these guides, some only scan through. Well, enjoyed the list! Cheers!

Introduction to dearthz knight

Firstly, if you are continuing for the list below, you might want to know, briefly about death knight first if you are total newb to dk and wotlk. DK is available for player who have char that above lvl 55 in their account. Don't gets your hopes high yet since players are restricted to only one death knight char per realm. A new death knight char will start at a place called Acherus: The Ebon Hold, a citadel which is located above Eastern Plagueland, floating. And this area is only accessiable to death knight (you bet).

For a kick start, a new death knight char gets this following item, a set of uncommon gear (who said blue?), 4x Deathweave Bag (12 slot), 270 Artisan First Aid Skill and Expert Riding. A area-wide buff (Undying Resolve) also casted on you every 10 minutes to resurrect you, in case you died.

So, whats so special about death knight? Yeah right, you got to access ebon hold. But there is more actualy and this is why so many people want to reroll their char as a death knight. Dk got a very unique quest and set of story line and cool spells. And when a death knight finish the area, they will leave the starting zone with rare quality set of gear, epic land mount and all flightpoint available for Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom. See? Now you get it.

Ok, lets 1, 2, GO!

1. Jame's Death Knight Guide - well the best i read so far, aside from any premium guide (joana u say?). Horde guide and alliance guide in separate guide.
2. Death Knight Guide - really good too. with colorful text and related picture make you feel FRESH..haha.. I mean, it is good. Check it out.

3. Death Knight Guide - Now this is really simple guide, with a map labelling the location of person or anything related to your quest. Simple and you might get lost.

Premium Guides

For now, there are two premium guides for wotlk, and it is joana's horde guide and zygor's alliance guide.
1. Joana's Horde Wow Leveling Guide
2. Zygor's Alliances Wow Leveling Guide.

Why bother with premium (yes, it mean NOT free), when you can get those real good guide listed above? Well, the answer is up to you. For casual player, i think it is enough playing just, freely. Go anywhere you want, questing, grinding, asking people when you got lost. Games is for fun anyway. Average player might want to look for online free guide to help with anything the stuck while gaming. For serious gamers, you might want to get a copy of this premium guides, since it told you the most important thing to do, fastest way to level up and do quest. Well if you don't mind lagg behind other players, you can always use free guide online. It is free and good anyway. Cheers!

Free Death Knight Guide

The Unofficial World of Warcraft Death Knight Guide

Hi guys this is a great news! Killerguides has launch it own guide for death knight. You should check out it here. The best part is they giving a free 18 pages free guide for starter. I myself is downloading it right now. To get the free guide, just go to the death knight guide page and just below the picture of the guide cover, there is a download button. You don't need to pay or anything like giving your email to get this. Just click the button. Cheers!
p/s: also you can check the new wotlk guide from killer guide.

free death knight guide
The Unofficial World of Warcraft Death Knight Guide
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Wow Wotlk 3.0.3 Patch Download

This post is courtesy of Check out the link for wow wotlk patch download and patch note.

wow wotlk
Wow Wrath of the Lich King patch version 3.0.3 has been released on November 4 2008 for download. It contains just minor change for the preparation for Wotlk release on November 13 2008. check out at wowwiki patch page for list of mirror site for download.

Wowwiki Patch Mirror
WOTLK Patch 3.0.3 Patch Notes - Wowwiki

Check out the newest guide for wotlk available. I think only joana has the latest update right now.

Wow Profession Leveling Guides: Inscription 1-375

Inscription Leveling Guide

The subsequent leveling guide has been put mutually with beta information. It will be continually developing as it is refined with experience.

As of this writing Inscription trainers are only accessible in Northrend, as soon as the next patch is out the location of trainers in the older lands will be posted. One can presume however that there will most likely be trainers to be found in capital cities.

The pigments used in the guide are obtained by using the milling ability on herbs. It averages about 2-3 pigments for ever stack of 5 herbs. The following herbs are used to create pigments. You can use any of them, but you need a stack of 5 to be able to mill them.

Alabaster Pigment: Bloodthistle, Peacebloom, Silverleaf, Earthroot, Mageroyal.
Dusky Pigment: Briarthorn, Swiftthistle, Bruiseweed, Stranglekelp.
Golden Pigment: Wild Steelbloom, Grave Moss, Kingsblood, Liferoot.
Emerald Pigment: Fadeleaf, Goldthorn, Khadgar's Whiskers, Wintersbite.
Violet Pigment: Firebloom, Purple Lotus, Arthas' Tears, Sungrass, Blindweed, Ghost Mushroom, Gromsblood.
Silvery Pigment: Golden Sansam, Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage, Plaguebloom, Icecap.


Tink Brightbolt - Valiance Keep (Borean Tundra)
Mindri Dinkles - Valgarde (Howling Fjord)

Adelene Sunlance - Warsong Hold (Borean Tundra)
Booker Kells - Vengence Landing (Howling Fjord)

Professor Palin - Dalaran

Materials you will need:

33 x Silverleaf

20 x Silver Ink

81 x Alabaster Pigment

39 x Dusky Pigment

35 x Golden Pigment

41 x Emerald Pigment

95 x Violet Pigment

150 x Silvery Pigment

208 x Light Parchment

76 x Common Parchment

95 x Heavy Parchment

Inscription 1-30

Create 33 Silver Ink

You will need:
33 x Silver Leaf

Inscription 30-40

Create 10 Scroll of Intellect

You will need:
20 x Silver Ink
10 x Light Parchment

Inscription 40-50

Create 10 Moonglow Ink

You will need:
10 x Alabaster Pigment

Inscription 50-75

Create 60 Scroll of Recall

You will need:
60 x Moonglow Ink
60 x Light Parchment

Inscription 75-85

Create 11 Bleached Vellum

You will need:
11 x Moonglow Ink
11 x Light Parchment

Inscription 85-100

Create 17 Glyph of Swipe

You will need:
17 x Midnight Ink
17 x Light Parchment

Inscription 100-120

Create 22 Treated Vallum

You will need:
22 x Mignight Ink
110 x Light Parchment

Inscription 120-125

Create 6 Glyph of Entangling Roots

You will need:
6 x Lion's Ink
6 x Common Parchment

Inscription 125-150

Create 29 Glyph of Healing Touch

You will need:
29 x Lion's Ink
29 x Common Parchment

Inscription 150-165

Create 23 Jadefire Ink

You will need:
23 x Emerald Pigment

Inscription 165-175

Create 12 Glyph of Moonfire

You will need:
12 x Jadefire Ink
12 x Common Parchment

Inscription 175-200

Create 29 Glyph of Insect Swarm

You will need:
29 x Jadefire Ink
29 x Common Parchment

Inscription 200-210

Create 10 Celestial Ink

You will need:
10 x Violent Pigment

Inscription 210-225

Create 20 Glyph of Rebirth

You will need:
20 x Celestial Ink
20 x Heavy Parchment

Inscription 225-250

Create 25 Glyph of Rip

You will need:
75 x Celestial Ink
25 x Heavy Parchment

Inscription 250-275

Create 25 Glyph of Starfire

You will need:
75 x Shimmering Ink
25 x Heavy Parchment

Inscription 275-300

Create 25 Glyph of Shred

You will need:
75 x Shimmer Ink
25 x Heavy Parchment

Boss Guide at Wow Raiding Guide

It have been long since i can write something really good for reader to read. Here we found something good for hardcore or casual instance raiders for this post is gonna serve you a list of guide for boss from many famous (and also less famous), how to kill instance boss, the loots and so on. Check it out this Ready Check of Wow Insider!

Sunwell Plateau 1st: Kalecgos
Sunwell Plateau 2nd: Brutallus
Sunwell Plateau 3rd: Felmyst
Sunwell Plateau 4th: Twin Eredars
Sunwell Plateau 5th: M'uru
Black Temple 4th: Teron Gorefiend
Black Temple 5th: Reliquary of Souls
Black Temple 6th: Gurtogg Bloodboil
Black Temple 7th: Mother Shahraz
Kael'thas Sunstrider
Boss Guide at Wow Leveling Guide

Get Draenei Mount at Level 30

I found this guide at Wow Insider post, inside the Walkthrough category. Suprisingly there is a way to get a mount before level 40, which is using draenei and get exalted at certain faction. Read up!

I still really haven't wrapped my head around the fact that we can get mounts at level 30 yet -- for so long, it's just been a fact that you don't get to ride anything around until level 40 that I'm still surprised when I see someone under that riding around. But it's true, of course, and Truffled over on WoW LJ took full advantage of that fact, in addition to the recent changes to reputation at lower levels -- she ran her Draenei through both the Azuremyst and Teldrassil starting areas, and was able be riding around a Night Elf mount right at level 30, bought for the Exalted price.

Very impressive. She says she hit Exalted only two quests after 30, and that she basically just did every single quest there was to find, save for the Raene's Cleaning end quest (so she could keep the rod). She doesn't mention /played time (all of the traveling probably added a little bit of extra leveling time in there), but however long it took, it was worth it, as she's one of the lowest non-faction Exalted characters we've seen. Nice job.
Wow Mount at level 30
Wow Mount Guide at Wow Leveling Guide

Warlock Leveling Guide 2

There are already warlock leveling guide post here but the previous post is about warlock leveling spec guide, so this time i want to list down few sites that have good reference for warlock leveling guide and warlock spec build guide. Wrr!

Fastest Warlock Leveling Spec - Wow-Forum
Warlock Leveling, Talent and Spec Guide - GotWarcraft
Almost Gaming Warlock Leveling Guide

The Warlock Guide - Almost Complete! I think this is the best warlock has quest, talent, class role, demon guide, leveling guide, equipment, gear discussion (Damage Gear vs. Critical Hit Chance), spell discussion and more.

Warlock Twink Guide - Full of ads. No comment.:)

Tentonhammer Warlock Guide - Another excellent warlock guide. You can find almost every aspect of warlock here.

Warlock Guide at WowWiki - Basic of Warlock here. Beginner warlock really should read here first to start.
That it for now. If anything new comes up on warlock guide, i will update this post, not in other warlock leveling guide post. Stay tune! Cheers!

For more powerful and thorough warlock leveling guide, try KillerGuide's Warlock Leveling Guide. Visit guide authority site such Wow Guide Review to avoid investing on scam and fake guide.

Druid Leveling Guide

Here the new collection of wow druid leveling guide and other druid guide that can you leveling your druid easier. Visit following site and read through. Cheers!

Druid Leveling Guide - Almost Gaming

GotWarcraft - Druid Leveling Guide

Feral Druid Leveling Spec Guide - Tentonhammer

WoW Forums -> Guide for Feral & Balance leveling v.2.2

World of Warcraft Guides | Druid Powerleveling Talent Build

For more powerful and thorough druid leveling guide, try KillerGuide's Druid Leveling Guide. Visit guide authority site such Wow Guide Review to avoid investing on scam and fake guide.

Alchemy 1-300 Guide

This is the best alchemy guide i could find. The author is not stated in the website i took this guide. I think i will list all alchemy leveling resource i could find some other time.

World of Warcraft Alchemy 1-300 Guide

This guide will show you how to get your alchemy skill up from 0 to 300. The guide will only use recipe's available at a trainer until 265 and vendor available recipe's from 265 to 300.

This guide only uses recipes that require herbs and vendor bought material (vials).

This guide does not tell you how to get all the different recipe's from quests, vendors or drops. What you do once you hit 300 is entirely up to you. This guide will not tell you what to do with the potions you make either.

This guide is primarily aimed at those who want to switch profession at high level or have high level alts, friends or guildmembers.


You are going to need a lot of herbs. Create an alt storage character to store these herbs and then farm (or have an alt farm) for the herbs needed. Use the ingame mail system to send the herbs to the storage character. Don't forget to send some gold to the storage character, so she can send the herbs back.
Once you have all the components collected, everything has to be send back to your main character. The mailbox only shows the first 50 items you have in the mail. It also puts the last item send to you on top. So to avoid complications send the components you need first last: i.e peacebloom and silverleaf are needed first, so these are the last to be send back to your main, after the briarthorn, mageroyal, etc.

The recipe's used require vendor bought components such as vials. These cost gold. To learn recipe's from a trainer also costs gold. The amount of gold needed is aproximately 40 to 50 gold if you farm all of the herbs. If you want to buy everything you need from the auction house expect to spend upwards to 225 gold. This does not include gold for recipe's from vendors or the auction house.
Below is a table that shows the amount of herbs needed. The minimum amount column shows the minimum amount needed if you would get a skill point every time you make something. However at some point a recipe will be yellow or even green when you make something so you won't allways get a skill point. The estimated amount column deals with this, so try to get the estimated amount of herbs on your storage character. If you are buying all the herbs you need from the auction house, I suggest getting the minimum amount and only buy more when needed.

Component Minimum Amount Estimated Amount

Peacebloom 60 (3 stacks) 60 (3 stacks)
Silverleaf 60 (3 stacks) 60 (3 stacks)
Mageroyal 15 (1 stacks) 20 (1 stacks)
Briarthorn 80 (4 stacks) 90 (5 stacks)
Stranglekelp 40 (2 stacks) 50 (3 stacks)
Bruiseweed 30 (2 stacks) 35 (2 stacks)
Wild Steelbloom 5 (1 stacks) 10 (1 stacks)
Kingsblood 30 (2 stacks) 40 (2 stacks)
Liferoot 30 (2 stacks) 40 (2 stacks)
Goldthorn 45 (3 stacks) 50 (2 stacks)
Khadgar's Whisker 15 (1 stacks) 20 (1 stacks)
Sungrass 60 (3 stacks) 70 (4 stacks)
Blindweed 30 (2 stacks) 35 (2 stacks)
Arthas' Tears 20 (1 stacks) 25 (2 stacks)
Golden Sansam 40 (2 stacks) 60 (3 stacks)
Mountain Silversage 20 (1 stacks) 30 (2 stacks)

Getting from 1 to 50

Getting from 1 to 50 is easy enough. Make 60 minor healing potions. This should get you to skill 60. You need at least skill 55 for the next step, so don't worry if you didn't get to 60. Keep the minor healing potions, you will need them later.
Once you hit 50 talk to the appropriate trainer to become Journeyman Alchemist. You have to be level 10 to become Journeyman Alchemist.
This table shows the different recipes used to get from 0 to 50.

Skill Item From - To

1 Minor Healing Potion 0 - 60 (60)

Getting from 50 to 125

Use the minor healing potions made earlier to make lesser healing potions to get to 110. If you didn't reach 110, make elixirs of wisdom until you do.
At 110 you can train the healing potion recipe. Make those until skill 125
Once you hit 125 talk to the appropriate trainer to become Expert Alchemist. You have to be level 20 to become Expert Alchemist.
This table shows the different recipes used to get from 50 to 125.

Skill Item From - To

55 Lesser Healing Potion 60 - 110 (50)
90 Elixir of Wisdom 105 - 110 (5)
110 Healing Potion 110 - 125 (15)

Getting from 125 to 200

Make some more healing potions to get to skill 140. Make lesser mana potions to get to 155, greater healing potions to get to 185 and elixirs of agility to get to 200.
Once you hit 200 talk to the appropriate trainer to become Artisan Alchemist. You have to be level 35 to become Artisan Alchemist.
This table shows the different recipes used to get from 125 to 200.

Skill Item From - To

110 Healing Potion 125 - 140 (15)
120 Lesser Mana Potion 140 - 155 (15)
155 Greater Healing Potion 155 - 185 (30)
185 Elixir of Agility 185 - 200 (15)

Getting from 200 to 265

Make some more elixirs of agility to get to 210. Make elixirs of greater defense until 215 and then make superior healing potions until 230. Make elixirs of detect undead to get to 250 and elixir of greater agility to get to 265.
This table shows the different recipes used to get from 200 to 265.

Skill Item From - To

185 Elixir of Agility 200 - 210 (10)
195 Elixir of Greater Defense 210 - 215 (5)
215 Superior Healing Potion 215 - 230 (15)
230 Elixir of Detect Undead 230 - 250 (20)
240 Elixir of Greater Agility 250 - 265 (15)

Getting from 265 to 300

Although you can get to 300 using the elixir of detect demon recipe, the gromsblood needed is expensive when bought from the auction house so i decided to use vendor available recipe's to get from 265 to 300.
Get the superior mana potion recipe from Ulthir in Darnassus or Algernon in Undercity and the major healing potion recipe from Evie Whirlbrew in Everlook.
Make superior mana potion to get to skill 285 and major healing potions to get to 300.

Congratulations, you now have 300 skill in alchemy.

This table shows the different recipes that are avaible through vendors to get from 265 to 300.

Skill Item From - To
260 Superior Mana Potion 265 - 285 (20)
275 Major Healing Potion 280 - 300 (20)

This table shows who and where the different vendors are for the previously mentioned recipe's.

What Who Where
Superior Mana Potion Ulthir (Alliance Faction)
Algernon (Horde Faction) Darnassus
Major Healing Potion Evie Whirlbrew (Neutral) Everlook in Winterspring

For engineering and mining leveling guide, try KillerGuide's Engineering and Mining Leveling Guide. Visit guide authority site such Wow Guide Review to avoid investing on scam and fake guide.

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