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Everyone who played wow and at least googling something about wow such as guide and wow leveling guide should know a thing or two about Joana’s Guide. Joana is a female troll who played as hunter and level up from 1 to level 60 in only 4 day and 20 hours recorded. This is the recorded as the fastest level up time and she’s not only done it only in one server, but a bunch in other server too. You can check the server she played in her guide page. So far, this guide is considered as the best wow leveling guide, especially for horde. She also included full recorded video along with her guide. I also have tried using this guide for my priest and rogue, and I reach level 60 in 13 days and several hours and the other reach level 56 in 10 days until now. While there are a lot of free guide in the internet you can Google, but a pay guide is much better. Check out the guide.


If you plan to buy any guide, please google around first to make sure that guide is legal, i mean not a scam guide. Asking in forum can be very efficient. This blog also list the top guide with ranking. Check out.

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Team iDemise Wow Leveling Guide
"Team iDemise Has The Fastest 1-70 Time in the World! We Get There In 6 Days 5 Hours and Using our In-game Leveling Guide You Can too!" - Team iDemise Alliance and Horde Leveling Guide. They give you an in-game mod, call mapmod to guide you where to go after each task. Complete with arrow and direction.

Brain Koop Alliance Leveling Guide
Brain Koop Wow Leveling Guide
wow leveling guides

Rogue Guide at WOW Forum

General information:

Ultimate Rogue Guide - Part 1 - Starting Out
Starting your Rogue and Leveling

Ultimate Rogue Guide - Part 2 - Advanced
Advanced Rogue Techniques and Info

A Primer on Rogue Talents
A detailed guide to Rogue talents.

Class Guides:

Raid Boss Rogue Strategy Guide
Helpful guide if you are about to raid as a Rogue

Rogue Talent Build Guide
A list of builds for every occasion

Newbie Rogue Pointers
A general guide on choosing the right spec and improving DPS

Assassination specific guides:

Subtlety specific guides:

Hemo DPS Higher than Full Combat for Raids
A thread containing detailed discussion on creating a high Raid DPS Hemorrhage build

THE Hemo Thread
An all encompassing thread debating the pros and cons of Hemorrhage builds in both PvE and PvP

Combat specific guides:


Gearing your Rogue at 70
Karazhan and beyond

How to Gem & Enchant yourself for raids.
This is all aimed for people that are either starting out raiding or getting prepared for SSC/TK

Rogue Twinking Guide for 2.3
A guide to gear and enchants for rogue twinks.


Macros and Add-ons:

The Rogue UI Thread
Share your Rogue UI with other players

The Rogue UI Thread - Continued
Share your Rogue UI with other players


List of Rogue movies
These are the better known Rogue movies.

Zarhon teeches you to play rogz!
Rogz are rly fun to play. They can go invizible lolz!

Other Great Places for Rogue!

Rogue Spot - great spot for leveling rogue and end game rogue, from grinding guide to pvp guide.

Shadow Panther - very analytica rogue site with numerous chart, article and strategies. Provide very detailed information on part such as armor, dps and weapons for rogues.

Rogue Guide on Top Ten Hammer - Great guide for newbie in rogue and beginners. General talk of rogue on all aspects.

For more powerful and thorough rogue leveling guide, try KillerGuide's Rogue Leveling Guide. Visit guide authority site such Wow Guide Review to avoid investing on scam and fake guide.


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